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Silver Lining Strategy for Schools

Transition Design provides a framework and models to design an optimistic strategy. You will create a vision that is more sustainable for your organisation, and which will provide a necessary ‘forward anchor’ for your community.

Starts October 28, live with the NoTosh team over six synchronous sessions, in six weeks, at
7am or 4pm London
12 noon Eastern Standard Time
3pm Hong Kong
6pm Canberra

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Do only what matters

Build up your own toolkit for sifting what matters now, next and later.

Take better decisions

Techniques to help 'listen' to large communities. 

Act and Innovate

Less thinking about it, more doing it. Learn to create a prototyping culture. 

"These sessions are very engaging and challenging. NoTosh helped us identify some of the challenges to effective risk management in the emergency sector and the steps we needed to take in order to get measurable outcomes for safer communities. From my perspective, I believe we achieved a significant step forwards, and that NoTosh ran one of the best sessions I have been to."

Lew Short
General Manager: Risk, Consequence & Resilience, Emergency Management Victoria, Australia

Last chance before 2021

This programme is designed for here and now. We won't run it live again until 2021. 

Secure your spot - limited spaces

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What are the key ingredients of a medium-term strategy that can clear the decks, and build on the silver linings of a tough period? Find out in our compact report, packed with next steps and research.

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Step-by-step from crisis to a concrete plan

We want to give you what you need to be resilient for the next shock, while helping you refocus your team to come out of this one even stronger. The team at NoTosh will help you carve out that creative time and space, and teach you tried and tested techniques of crisis leadership:

  • Reenvision your school, with your community alongside you.
  • Communicate confidently, colourfully and concisely.
  • Set up systems to act quickly, and empower middle leaders.
  • Clear space and provide frameworks for innovations in the community.
  • Design more agile ways to evaluate progress.
  • Build up a shared language and toolkit for your team. 

We’ll meet once a week, live and synchronous, for six weeks, with every session recorded to dive back into. We'll share tools and frameworks that work for getting your team refreshed and ready for the next challenge. We’ll give you time to learn from peers and from our own experience managing crises and campaigns for our clients.  

In our sessions, we'll actually do some of the work you need to free up your creative space as a leadership or governance team. You'll actually make changes in real time that stand you and your team in good stead for months to come. 

We'll also open up your eyes to some more in depth processes you might want to dive into later, depending on the type of challenge you face, and the strategy you develop in this course.

Last chance before 2021

This programme is designed for here and now. We won't run it live again until 2021. 

Reserve your spot - limited spaces