The Lead: Be it. Use it. Take it.

Leadership training used to be for those in the admin suite. No more.

Any aspiring or current leader should have access to the tools and coaching they need to do the very best in their position.

The Lead is an intensive programme that will change the mindset of any leader, and equip you with the toolkit to move from just managing to leading those around you. 

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Take one, two or all three sprints in the programme to supercharge your growth as a middle leader. 

In a time of crisis, leaders throughout a system need to have a common language. In The Lead, learn how to build relationships as a peer leader, inspire collaboration and scale up your team's ideas from one to some to everyone

As schools try to delegate more, without overwhelming staff, this course will help middle and aspiring leaders develop the space, efficacy and attitude to take on the responsibility.


Patrick Hurworth, China

"[It was]…really made it clear from the start that this work would be challenging, that we’d experience moments of real frustration and pushback. It was all of those things and more, but equally the most inspiring process to have been part of.”

Head of School, International School of Beijing, on NoTosh's approach to Collaborative Strategy.

Donna Teuber, USA 

“The programme was a huge learning curve with the implementation of NoTosh Design Thinking making a big impact to the way we approach decision-making and student development in our education system.”

Director of Technology, Integration and Innovation, Richmond School District Two, South Carolina, on NoTosh's Design Thinking Incubation Approach.

Jo Taylor, UK

“Working with NoTosh helped open my eyes to the science behind design thinking, clearing the clutter that exists in organisations, freeing me and my team up to go back to basics and create experiences for our employees.”

Jo Taylor, former Director of Talent and Resourcing, TalkTalk plc., London, on NoTosh's approach to creating organizational change.

Build stronger relationships to lead better

Learn to use key strategies that build empathy between teammates

Develop momentum

Create a prototyping culture that gets ideas off the ground quickly

Scale up & influence the system

Use pragmatic strategies that take an idea from one to some to everyone. 

Be It.


Top features

  • Access to Sprint 1: Be it. 
  • 9 hours of live sessions and 1 Q&A with participants from around the world.
  • Keep video of the sessions, downloads and materials, for life.

Be It. Use it. Take it.


Best Value

  • Access to all three Sprints: Be it. Use it. Take it.
  • 27 hours of live sessions, 3 Q&As.
  • Three two-seek sprints, over the course of a year.
    Access to the Storytelling Festival.
  • Bonus events to explore scaling up your ideas, using data and prototyping. 
  • A chance to create and share the story of your impact with the community.

Be it. Use it.


Top features

  • Access to Sprints 1 & 2: Be it & Use it.
  • 17 hours of live sessions, 3 Q&As and access to the Storytelling Festival. 
  • Keep video of the sessions, downloads and materials, for life.

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