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Leading from the Middle: Three Sprint Intensive

Our three intensive sprints set up Middle Leaders for success by undertaking an action project while developing their skills. We focus on personal leadership, team dynamics and influencing the system, so that senior management can do their job even better.


Silver Lining Strategy for Schools

NoTosh's Transition Design programme helps you create a more sustainable vision and the prototyping culture to realise it. Six weeks that will create an optimistic strategy for months ahead.

Collaborative Strategy

Our ground-breaking process for engaging the whole community to develop your next strategy, vision, and even rethink your mission and core values. 

Launches soon.

A cost-effective way to work with the best

NoTosh was the organisation that brought design thinking, agile leadership and strategy into schools back in 2010. We advise governments and multinational corporations alongside schools and systems. Our programmes give enthusiastic individuals and small teams the chance to work with us at a fraction of the normal cost of a consultancy, but without compromising on the personal attention when you need it.

Learn live with our team, and keep the content

All of our courses are offered live, on different timezones, but every participant gets access to the content for life: videos, downloads, printables, and activities to do with your team. And when we update the course, you get the updates, too. 

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