Strengthen leadership throughout your school, starting in the middle.

Schools are complex communities that place significant demands on middle leaders. 

Learn how to lead. Learn how to develop better ideas, get people on board, and structure your goals around the school's objectives.

The focus of each session will add value to the leadership development of those who aspire to middle leadership positions. The course will keep you and your fellow leaders out front, making decisions with and for students, their families, and the reputation of your school.

Make Leading from the Middle the course for your middle leaders.

Individuals: $1495
Request an invoice ([email protected]) for these special deals:¬†
Individuals at AAIE Schools: $997 (reduced from $1495).
Teams of FIVE or more: $897 pp.
Further discounts available for CEESA members and state schools with annual fees less than $1000.

All prices US Dollars.

Build stronger relationships

Learn to use key strategies that build empathy between teammates

Develop momentum

Create a prototyping culture that gets ideas off the ground quickly

Scale up & influence the system

Use pragmatic strategies that take an idea from one to some to everyone

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A three-part course to supercharge your growth as a middle leader

Senior leadership can't carry it all. Leaders throughout a system need to have a common language. In Leading from the Middle, learn how to build relationships as a peer leader, inspire collaboration and scale up your team's ideas from one to some to everyone. 

As schools try to delegate more, without overwhelming staff, this course will help middle and aspiring leaders develop the space, efficacy and attitude to take on more responsibility.

Cohort 5 Dates 2024:

SPRINT 1: February 26-Mar 1, 2024
(One hour a day, 8am GMT + 1pm GMT)

SPRINT 2: March 18-22, 2024
(One hour a day, 8am GMT + 1pm GMT)

SPRINT 3: May 13-17, 2024
(One hour a day, 7am GMT / 8am BST + noon GMT / 1pm BST)


What's in the course?

Three parts develop personalteam and organizational leadership skills, with an emphasis on immediate application in the field and capturing evidence of impact.

Nancy Teskey, Mozambique

"Participating in this program has helped me become a better facilitator. When leading a department meeting, I talk less, listen more, and ask more questions. It enables the team to come up with collective solutions rather than just having to use mine.”

formerly Head of Department, American School of Mozambique

Jacob Johanssen, Hungary

“This program really helped me refine my ideas and start conversations I used to think there was not enough time for. It gave me the confidence and tools to help me think through the situation on my own.”

Head of Secondary Mathematics, American School of Budapest

Jamie Williams, Switzerland

"Following this program my leadership style changed. I became more open and encompassing. I listened, I became more supportive. Most importantly, I realised that with opportunities for middle leadership to lead, their confidence will grow and change will happen.”

Secondary School Principal, International School of Geneva, Campus des Nations

Reserve your spot on our waitlist

Leading from the Middle will run again in 2023. Save your spot now for free, with no obligation.